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No More (or Everybody Lives) by SalyutSddW No More (or Everybody Lives) by SalyutSddW
Congratulations all Whovians! I really enjoyed last night's 50th anniversary episode. It had its flaws, but it also had Tom Baker :)
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derJOgelle Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013   General Artist
Amen to that!
Besides minor plotholes a wonderful example for good television and for why Matt Smith is so goddamn underrated.
Being the youngest actor in this role so far, his performance of this 1000+ yrs old alien really seems 1000+ yrs old  -  big talent.

Anyway, it might help you forget its flaws/understand the episode a lil more if you read this brilliant blog entry:…

P.S.: Brilliant is a good word to describe this beautiful piece!
SalyutSddW Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013
Wow, that's a great essay. I pretty much assumed the Moment got them through the Time Lock (though it seemed a bit hand-wavy to me) but I totally didn't get all the Doctors coming in at the end. That'll teach me to finally start paying attention to the audio series!
Anyway, it seemed clear to me that the Doctor didn't change the past so much as he changed the way he perceived the past. Sort of like the time-turner scene in Harry Potter. Everything had already happened that way, but he didn't realise it had happened until he made it happen again from the future, if that makes sense. I thought that was actually a really bold move, directly dealing with his genocidal past in a way that felt like a new start/redemption and still keeping the guilt of the older Doctors intact. It fits with the idealistic tone of the new series, that of always looking for the right thing to do (no matter how hard) and focusing on a better future. He finally stopped running away.

And yes, Matt Smith really is a wonderful actor. His Doctor is young and goofy, but in a way that feels as if it's a mask and a coping mechanism that keeps him sane. He does old-in-a-young-body well.

Also, thanks for the wonderful praise :blush:
derJOgelle Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013   General Artist
Yeah, great site n a great explanation of TDOTD!

Yes! Big Finish rocks!
Love the 6th & 8th Doctor adventures. Really show what could've been, if the execs @ BBC at the time wouldn't have been such idits!

Yeah, me too - even though it's almost the only thing I got right away!;P ^^

He is. He truly is!

P.S. u deserved it!:)
HumbumbleHazel Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeahh! Really good job on the art c:
SalyutSddW Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2013
Thank you :)
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